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Earthquake devastated in Indonesia, 822 people died, more than 100 injured.

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Mataraam (Indonesia), A huge shock of earthquake was felt on Sunday in Lombok, Indonesia’s Island Lombok, in which 82 people died and more than 100 injured. Damages to many buildings Officials gave this information. Panic spread among tourists and locals by the earthquake. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the intensity of this earthquake was seven and its center was only 10 kilometers below the ground in the northern area of ​​Lombok.

More than 12 people died in the earthquake on Lombok Island a week ago. Agarang Pramuza, a senior officer of the Matram Talashi and Rescue Agency told AFP that the number of dead has increased to 82. Officials said that the tsunami warning issued after earthquake has been canceled.

Officials said that a brief tsunami warning was issued in the latest earthquake. It also damaged the buildings in Bali’s Deccar. These buildings include a department store and an airport terminal building. D. Karnavati, the Meteorological, Climate Science and Geophysics Agency said that the tsunami warning was withdrawn when the tsunami waves were recorded only 15 cms high in three villages.

Lombboc’s disaster officer Ivan Asmara said that people came out of their homes fearing fear. Indonesia Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Pervo Nugroho said that most of the buildings damaged in the city were using poorly constructed materials. Singapore’s Home Minister Shanmugam, present in Lombok for security conference, told on Facebook how his hotel room was moving in the tenth floor.

In 2004, due to the earthquake of 9.4-Richter scale on Indonesia’s Sumatra coast, 2,20,000 people died in different countries including India, while in Indonesia alone 1,68,000 people had lost their lives due to tsunami.