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Earthquake on Alaska coast in the US, warning of tsunami has been cancelled.

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Washington, In the United States, a strong earthquake near the Alaska coast near the coast of the United States on Tuesday, the tsunami warning was issued 7.9 immediately, although a few hours later the National Tsunami Center withdrew the warning of the tsunami. There is no news of any damage till now.

Earlier, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reported the magnitude 8.2 of the earthquake. Warning of the tsunami was released to many parts of Alaska and to Canada. Along with this, the entire western coast of America has been asked to monitor the tsunami.

It is reported that earthquake tremors have been felt from 256 km southeast of the city of Chinas in Alaska. The USGS has said that the earthquake occurred after midnight on Tuesday. The center of the earthquake was in the depth of 10 km.

The emergency department issued a warning to Alaska and British Columbia, saying, ‘If you are in coastal areas then quickly move away from the coast. A tsunami warning means that there can be a flood of water or it has already started. However, after the cancellation of the warning of the tsunami later, people breathed in relief.