Dyson confirms on massive investment in India for the next 4 years


Dyson, which just expanded into India, provides a variety of hair style tools for ladies. The tech lifestyle business with headquarters in Singapore thinks the category has a lot of potential and has plans to grow it even further in the future years. Senior Dyson engineer Chidambersan Krishnaswami said in an exclusive interview with India Today Tech that the company will introduce up to 20 new haircare products in India over the next four years. That is a sizable figure that demonstrates Dyson’s dedication to its Indian customers and followers.

To extend and hasten the research and development of its beauty goods in India, the corporation has announced an investment of over 53.9 billion rupees. The Dyson engineer said that this money will be utilised to introduce 20 new beauty goods over the following four years. When questioned about the number of products the business intended to introduce in 2023, Krishnaswami advised the public to wait for the big reveal and expect a surprise. The Airwrap multi-styler, the newest hair product available from Dyson, costs Rs 45,900.


Hair professionals and people who have a sizable investment in haircare products have come to like Dyson despite its high price.

One of the most popular brands for hair style in India is Dyson, which is also very well-liked by both professionals and regular consumers. The Singapore-based business has declared that Lakme Fashion Week will be its first backstage debut. At designer Arpita Mehta’s demonstration on March 11, celebrity hairstylist Adhuna will reveal the entire performance freedom provided by Dyson’s hair technology. According to Dyson engineers, there are no other items that operate as rapidly and effectively in the hectic backstage setting of a fashion show.

Krishnaswami further underlined that the Coanda effect and intelligent heat management are two essential aspects that distinguish Dyson from other haircare products on the market. An air vortex spins around the cylindrical barrels of the Dyson Airwrap styler thanks in large part to the Coanda effect. Your hair is drawn to the barrels as they spin because of the airflow created by the air vortex, which encourages your hair to wrap itself around the barrel. Without utilising high heat, which can harm your hair, this unique method helps to curl your hair.

When hair is subjected to high temperatures, heat damage can happen quickly, necessitating the use of Dyson’s intelligent heat management tool. Krishnaswami believes that Dyson’s haircare solutions are now the safest on the market, allowing you to use them frequently without worrying about harming your hair.

Even while Dyson products are well-known, not everyone may be able to purchase them. Despite realising this, the company does not currently have any plans to enter the inexpensive market because the Dyson goods require extensive engineering and research. When asked if Dyson would introduce more budget-friendly items in India, Krishnaswami responded that the company has not yet thought about that prospect and will continue to concentrate on the premium sector for the time being.