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During the job in the Air Force, she was raped: Arizona Senator

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Martha McSally the first woman to fly a fighter plane in the US Air Force, and senator from Arizona revealed on Wednesday that during a service in the air force. A senior officer raped her, 52-year-old Martha McSally, who served 26 years in the air force, was a fighter The command of the squadrons (military aircraft and crew members).

During a hearing in a Senate subcommittee on sexual harassment in the army, being emotional, he told about the accident. “I am involved in the victims of sexual assault in the army, but like many other brave victims, I did not report sexual harassment,” Martha McSally said.

She said, “Like many other women and men, I did not trust the system at that time.” She said, ‘I myself considered guilty. I was embarrassed and confused. And I thought I was strong but felt helpless. ‘

The Republican MP said, “The criminals used to abuse their power excessively. In one case I made a victim and a senior officer raped me. ‘ Macceli said that she kept quiet for several years with this sentence. She also said that after this incident he decided to leave the army. She said, ‘But later in my career as if the army was roaming in scams, I realized that some people should know that I am also suffering.’