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Durga Puja 2020: After 70 years, due to Corona Crisis, vibrant picture of Maa Durga engraved in colour

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Mihir, Bhagalpur: Durga Puja 2020 is being celebrated in a very interesting manner this year by the people of Scheduled Caste Tola in Block Colony of Nathnagar District. People here have prepared an alternative to not miss the lack of traditional worship of Murti for almost 70 years. This time the locals have prepared a vibrant picture of Maa Durga from the painting.

Seventy years ago, people found mother here

Durga temple of Scheduled Caste Tola of Block Colony is quite popular. Which is also called the gate of East Bihar. The president of the temple, Rannu Das, says that about seventy years ago, a body was seen here. Which did not remove from there even after many days. After which people decided to build a temple here and with the help of local people, the temple was built here. In which every year the statue of Maa Durga is established during Navratra.

In view of Corona infection this year, the instruction has been received from the district administration to celebrate Durga Puja with great simplicity. After which the members of the temple committee were in doubt about the installation of the murti. It was discussed among the people that the establishment of the urn and daily worship will be there, but how to overcome the lack of the idol. After which it was decided to prepare a picture of Maa Durga through painting here.

Durga Puja

The local artist prepared for a modest cost
This work was made easy by the local artist ‘Shikari’, who creates an image through painting. He decided to give his support for this work. The painting for which the cost of preparing the work is about 30 thousand. He got it ready only for 3500 rupees. Artist Shikari told Prabhat Khabar that when the entire painting is ready, it will look exactly like an idol. The devotees will not miss the idol when they will see this vi

Lakshmi, Ganesh, Karthik and other deities are also being shaped
Temple secretary Rannu Das and director Jai Prakash Das also say that we have tried to keep the tradition alive. The orders of the administration due to the pandemic will not be compromised. Here Lakshmi, Ganesh, Karthik and other deities are also being formed along with mother Durga.