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Due to the wrong address on Google Maps, the risk of scamming is the highest.

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The use of Google Maps has increased rapidly, at the same speed has increased the scam. Due to the thousands of Fake Accounts connecting every month on Google Maps, there is an incorrect phone number and address list of 11 million on the app. The wrong address and phone number on Google Maps are being used most to go ahead in the business competition.

In response to The Wall Street Journal, The Verge reported that most addresses are not available on registered businesses registered on Google Maps. Due to incorrect address, the risk of having the highest scam can be on using contractors, repairmen and car towing services.

Internal in Google, it is called ‘duress verticals’ because these services are such that the users go in the state of emergency and they do not have time to check the credibility of the business.

However, Google did a research in itself in 2017, claiming that the wrong listing included only 0.5 percent of local searches. The Wall Street Journal report is different from that. The Wall Street Journal found in its research that out of the top 20 Google search results, 13 are incorrect address lists. Of these, only two businesses were found to be completely safe, who follow Google’s guideline.

Let Google send the postcard, via call, or someone to enter a pseudonym code on Google’s website, validates listed businesses. However, the report says Google’s verification system can easily bypass thugs with wrong addresses and phone numbers. Its direct losses are to real businesses and customers.

This report came one day after Google’s announcement that Google is now offering more options to the business through the My Business Feature to customize the company profile to Search and Maps.

Google has also said that it is also working towards preparing business redressal compliant form to report consolidated business profiles so that users can report directly to Google about this type of fraud.