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Due to the rumor of the bomb, Putin had given orders to drop the passenger plane, disclosed in the documentary.

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Moscow, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has said that he had ordered to drop a passenger plane in 2014. Putin said this in a documentary on Sunday. Putin said that he thought that the plane was a bomb and he was the target of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

The 2-hour-long documentary ‘Putin’ has been released on social media in Russia. Putin told a reporter, “On February 7, 2014, he received a phone call from the security officials imposed for the Sochi Games. This phone came just ahead of the Winter Olympics of Sochi’s Opening Ceremonies. I was told that the aircraft from Ukraine to Istanbul has been hijacked and the hijackers said that the plane should be taken into consideration. ‘

At the same time, journalists are saying in this documentary that there were 110 passengers in the passenger plane and one of them had a bomb. Plane was planned to change the way of the plane and move it to Sochi.

Putin further said that he consulted the security officials and he was told that it would be better to drop the plane in such a situation. According to Putin, he advised to take action under the plan. Shortly after this, Putin again called the phone, in which he was told that he was wrong. The passenger did not have a bomb, but he had drunk.

Let us know that this documentary has been released in Russia in a time when the presidential election will be held on March 18 in Russia.