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Dubai’s Emirates Airlines will stop ‘Hindu meal’ in aircrafts.

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Emirates’s airline Emirates has decided to remove ‘Hindu Meal’ from its aircraft. In some international aircrafts the convenience of booking food according to their religious beliefs by travelers is quite prevalent. Passengers food can be booked before traveling in the first plane. The airline issued the statement and said that after the consistent suggestions of the passengers, the decision to close the Hindu meal option has been taken.

Airlines said, ‘Emirates is ending the option of Hindu meal. We constantly take suggestions and feedback about the facilities offered to people in the plane. The decision has been taken on the basis of these. ”

Emirates have also said that Hindu customers can book their food from all the regional vegetarian outlets in Advance. These outlets also provide food facilities inside the aircraft. There are several options, such as Hindu meal, Jain meal, Indian vegetarian food, kosher meal, non-vegetarian food without beef.

What happens to the Hindu meal?
This food is especially for the people of the Hindu community who are not vegetarian and eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. However, this meal does not have beef.

Explain that most of the major airlines offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives to their aircraft. There is also the option of religious food in Air India and Singapore Airlines.