Drunk father-in-law, did forcefully kiss with daughter-in-law.

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In China, a father-in-law, after drinking alcohol, made an embarrassing act with his own daughter-in-law. During a wedding reception at a hotel in the Xingasu province of China, a man drank a lot of alcohol. Intoxicants of liquor started to do to their new bride, daughter-in-law According to the Daily Mail report, after this incident there was a ruckus and any person present made the entire incident video.

Speaking to a local media in China, a member of the family declared unidentified that after this incident both the families were in a state of confusion. However, after watching the video on the online site, the groom commented that his father had expressed his sorrow and apologized for his bad behavior.

Wechat and some Chinese media in China have rumored that after coming to consciousness, the man expressed sorrow and committing suicide for the shameful act of his daughter in law. However, suicide is not being confirmed. In the 8-minute viral video clip, the bride dressed in Chinese traditional garment was brought to the stage. After this the accused father-in-law lost his senses and grabbed the bride in the arms and forcibly asked why.