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DRDO claims $9 billion worth of fighter aircraft deal, $2000 million submerged from Russia.

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The 9-billion dollar deal for developing Next Generation Fighter aircraft in collaboration with Russia has broken. The reason for this is the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) claiming that he has all the technology needed for this project or he is developing it in the country. Although the initial amount of nearly Rs 2,000 crore given to Russia by the break of the deal has also sank.

From this deal, India becomes involved in select countries, who have Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft. These aircraft are near America and China. In the future, this deal has been canceled with the decision to purchase this fighter aircraft. The sources involved in the negotiations for the deal said that due to lack of progress on this project the DRDO had to emphasize that it has the capability to develop the necessary technology. Russia offered to develop India with Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft. In addition to having India as the largest research center for this, the entire transfer of technology was agreed on.

India also paid $ 295 million to Russia for the initial design of this project. An official said that this amount has also been drowned with the cancellation of the deal. Sources said that in the high-level meeting organized by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) at the beginning of this year, the Air Force had feared Russia’s proposal to fulfill all its requirements. Senior officials in the meeting expressed the possibility of improving the project.

At the same time, the meeting was asked to give opinion on the arrival of Modern Technology in the country with the deal from DRDO. The clear answer of DRDO chief S. Christopher had been decided to cancel the deal. India has now told to Russia that the fighter will not be involved in the development of the aircraft, but after proving its technology’s potential, will consider buying it in the future. According to the needs of India in this deal, the fighter aircraft was to be built.

The delivery of its four flying prototypes was to be 2019-20. There was also a production of at least 127 aircraft in India. In order to strengthen the depleting power of the Indian Air Force, Russia has also offered to sell its 20th largest MiG-29 fighter jet in a little more than Rs 2,000 crore. However, no decision has been taken regarding this proposal.