Dr. Dhaniram Baruah

Dr. Dhaniram Baruah, Assam doc had done historic surgery 24 yrs ago before US heart transplant with pig’s organ

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When news broke on Tuesday that researchers in a Maryland hospital had transplanted a genetically modified pig’s heart into a patient, Assam’s Dr. Dhani Ram Baruah claimed that what America had accomplished in 2022, he had accomplished in 1997. Dr. Dhaniram Baruah, a 74-year-old surgeon who has lost his ability to speak due to a stroke, claims to have conducted a similar surgery 24 years ago.

“You have no idea what he’s saying right now. However, he told us that he is unmoved by what the American doctors have done. You’re all aware that in 1997, Baruah successfully transplanted a pig’s heart into a human. He has stated numerous times that a pig’s heart may be transplanted into a person, but no one has believed him for all these years. “According to Dalimi Baruah, Dhaniram’s long-time study collaborator.

Dr. Dhaniram Baruah, now 72, caused a stir in 1997 when he performed xenotransplantation (transplanting organs from one species to another) surgery on a 32-year-old man and successfully transplanted a pig’s heart and lungs.

The 32-year-old survived for seven days after surgery at Baruah’s clinic in Sonapur, on the outskirts of Guwahati, before succumbing to numerous infections.

The two doctors were detained because the Transplantation of Human Organs Act of 1994 prohibited xenotransplantation (the transplantation of organs from one species to another). Under the legislation, the couple was found guilty of unethical procedure and responsible homicide and sentenced to 40 days in prison.

Dalimi Baruah, who claimed to be Baruah’s long-time research collaborator, spoke on his behalf from the Dr. Dhani Ram Baruah Heart Institute & Research Centre in Sonapur, where he has continued studying remedies for numerous ailments.

Because he never had his findings professionally peer-reviewed, critics stated Baruah’s assertions and medical procedures were not taken seriously or acknowledged by the scientific world.

Baruah has been working on “new research” in the previous few years, according to Dalimi, so that “people can live disease-free.”