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Donald Trump’s disputed statement again, Corona will end without the vaccine.

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US President Donald Trump said on Friday that the coronavirus would go away without a vaccine and that the US was moving towards greatness. Actually, he said these things during a conversation with his party Republican MPs in the White House. Trump’s statement came at a time when the unemployment rate in America has reached the highest level since the Great Depression and so far more than 76 thousand people have died from Corona.

President Trump said, “It will go on without a vaccine.” It will go and we will not see it again. You might be a little annoyed. ‘ He even claimed that more such diseases came in the world and ended without a vaccine. Trump said, ‘There are some viruses and flu that came here. When the vaccine was found for them, the vaccine was not found and then the virus disappeared. They did not come again. ‘

‘I listen to the doctor’
When reporters asked him what he meant by this claim, did he say that the vaccine was not needed? To this, Trump said, “I only trust doctors.” They are saying that this is going to happen. This does not mean that this year, it does not mean that they are leaving. But eventually, they will leave. As far as the vaccine is concerned, if we had it, it would have been more helpful. ‘

The opinion of the top doctor in contrast
Doctor Anthony Fossey, who is responsible for the Corona Virus Task Force at the White House, said last week that the corona will not be finished until we have the vaccine. He said, “Unless we have a safe and effective vaccine, it is not going to end.”