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Donald Trump will to host Iftaar party next week.

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Washington, US President Donald Trump is going to organize Iftaar Party in the holy month of Ramadan next week. According to the White House official, Iftaar party will be on June 13. However, the list of guests invited to this party has not yet been released.

Please tell that this is the first time Donald Trump will host Iftaar Party. The White House did not organize the Iftar party after breaking the long-standing tradition.

Earlier, former US President Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton organized the Iftar party. Last month, Trump had congratulated Ramadan after issuing a statement after the commencement of Ramadan.

Let Trump know about the image against the Muslims. After becoming President of America, he had said that the entry of Muslims should be banned completely in America. Trump had called the Muslims Refugee and Terror, after which he was criticized worldwide.