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Donald Trump spoke from the World Economic Forum – ‘America First’ does not mean ‘America Only’.

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US President Donald Trump today said that he supports free trade but it should be justified. He emphasized the policy of ‘America First’ and said that this does not mean ‘America Only’. Addressing the World Economic Forum, Trump said that America has again become open and competitive for business. Many leaders in the forum have targeted Trump for their protectionist policies. Trump said on the occasion that America will continue to fight against terrorism around the world and will not allow Afghanistan to become a shelter for terrorists. He said, “I have come here to represent the interests of the American people and to show our commitment to a better world.” The biggest hall in the venue of the stage was completely filled one hour before the address of Trump. However, some African leaders boycott Trump’s speech.

Trump, referring to the US and its various decisions, said, “The stock markets are breaking one tax record and after seven months of my election, more than seven billion billion dollars have been added. I have come here to say that America is again open for business. This is the best time to bring your business, employment and investment to America. “He said,” We are preparing an environment that encourages. You come to America I believe in America and believe in America First as America’s President. All global leaders should feel the same about their country. But ‘America First’ does not mean ‘America Only’.

He said that if some countries do not accept the rules, then free and open business can not be done. He said, “We support free trade but it should be just and mutual.” Trump said that as a President, he will always protect the interests of his country, his workers and his companies.

He said, “Can not we create a mechanism that works for everyone rather than one country. We have an agreement with many countries and there is a dialogue with many countries. On this occasion, he again targeted the media and said that when he was a businessman he loved the media, but after coming to politics and becoming the President, he came to know that there is a lot of lies here. He said, “A businessman The media always treated me well, and until I became a politician, I did not know how much media could be, hate, and false. “