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Donald Trump speaking on trade war with China, we are not ready to backoff.

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Washington, US President Donald Trump has made a big comment on the trade war with China, saying that he is not in the mood to retract this moment. Trump said that he could take the tariff up to $ 500 billion in Chinese goods. The US president said that such a situation will continue to exist between the two countries and there is no better deal. The US has already imposed a 25% tariff on Chinese goods up to $ 50 billion. Both countries are engaged in imposing tariff on each other.

After US action, China also reversed tariffs on 545 US products up to $ 34 billion. In mid-June, Trump warned China that if it goes ahead with the decision to impose tariff on American products, the tariff will be increased to $ 200 billion on its products. On Sunday, Trump had told to Fox News, “If the agreement between China and the United States is not compromised, then this tariff war can go up to $ 500 billion level. He would definitely like to make a deal. ‘

They said, “Let me tell you that China would like to deal. I will do this too, but it will happen only when any deal is better for America. ‘ They refused to take any kind of softness or withdraw from the tariff war against China. On the question of retreating against the tariff war against China, the President Trump said, ‘No, no, no.’ Trump said, ‘I will do this too, but only when a deal is in America’s interest. The hardest thing is that our President and Business Leaders have been avoiding this till now.