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Donald Trump said: I am ready to talk to North Korean leader.

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Eliminating the comparison of the size of the “Atomic Button”, US President Donald Trump said he was ready to talk to the North Korean leader. They expressed hope that some results of the conversation between the Korean countries will emerge. Trump, who criticized his main diplomat for negotiating with nuclear weapons-rich North Korea last year, told reporters in Camp David that some dialogue or direct dialogue with Kim Jong is not beyond the possibilities.

Trump said, “Surely, I always believe in conversation. Of course I will do that, I will not have any problem. “However, he said in such a fast way that every conversation happens with a condition. He did not make it clear what the conditions would be for this conversation. In more than two years, this will be the first time when there will be no formal talks between North and South Korea in a frontline city on Tuesday. During this time, both the opposition sides will seek ways to cooperate in the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea and discuss ways to improve mutual relations. There is a lot of tension between the two countries regarding North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

Trump said during the question-answer session with reporters, “Now he is talking on the Olympics. It’s a beginning, it’s a big start, it’s a big start.