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Donald Trump ready for the third summit with Kim Jong: Bolton

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American Security Advisor (NSA) John Bolton has said that US President Donald Trump is ready to make the third summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. Bolton said this Sunday in an interview with ABC on Sunday. The NSA said, ‘He has said that he is ready for the third summit. However, nothing has been decided yet. ‘

Bolton said in the interview that the US president is ready to negotiate again because he thinks that nuclear disarmament will have a great effect on North Korea. For this, he is trying to persuade Kim Jong-them. New satellite photos made public on Friday showed that North Korea is preparing for a nuclear test again.

When asked about this, Bolton said, “I do not want to say anything about this. we have seen this much in North Korea. we keep looking at it constantly. There are plenty of activities all the time in North Korea, but I will not have any idea about satellite pictures. “Public photos on Friday showed vehicles, cranes and rail cars near the center outside Pyongyang, where North Korea Had previously assembled some of its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Some experts on this said that North Korea is preparing to launch its first missile a year later. Bolton said that if another test was done by North Korea, Trump would be very disappointed. Bolton said, “The president repeatedly said that he feels that not conducting nuclear tests and launching a ballistic missile would be a positive sign.” Last month, Trump and Kim’s second summit in Vietnam ended without any agreement Went.