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Donald Trump is ready to continue shutdown government work for years.

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US President Donald Trump says he is ready to continue partial rigor in the US government for many years. The partial work of the US government stalled, the third week has begun. According to the BBC, after meeting with top Democrats, Trump said that he could also declare the National Emergency while ignoring the Congress for the construction of a wall on the US, Mexico border.

Trump insisted that unless he gets funding for constructing wall on the border, he will not sign any bill. The Democrats are protesting their move. Nearly 800,000 federal employees have not received salary since December 22 in the country. To resolve this issue, on Friday, in the White House meeting, Trump had initially said positive things and told it very positive. But Trump later replied in response to a journalist’s question that he threatened that if necessary he was ready to keep the federal agencies closed for several years.

Trump said, “I am proud of what I am doing. I do not consider it to be constraint. I believe that this is a work that is necessary for the security and benefits of the country. “He was also asked whether he has considered using the President’s emergency powers bypassing Congress for funding permission. In response, he said, ‘Yes, I can do this. We can declare a national emergency. This is another way of doing this. ‘