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Donald Trump: If impeachment is done against me, then the American economy will collapse.

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Washington, US President Donald Trump said that if impeachment is done against them, then the American economy will collapse. Trump said in an interview with Fox and Friends, “I want to tell you that if the prosecution is run against me then the market will be broken. I think everyone will be very poor. ‘

Actually, Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen has sworn that Trump has asked him to commit a big crime in violation of American campaign financial law. After this statement, the question was asked about the growing legal concerns of Trump, in response, Trump said that the economy would collapse if prosecution was initiated against him.

Trump said, ‘I do not understand how you can prosecute a person who has given enough employment.’ Let us know that before this Trump had attacked Cohen and said that there are not good lawyers and are staging stories. He praised his former election campaign chief Paul Manafort and described him as a brave person. Trump tweeted that if someone is looking for a good lawyer, then he would suggest to them not to take Cohen’s service.

Trump has two big jolts on Tuesday. Earlier, his former lawyer Michael Cohen was found guilty of violating the American laws for violating financial law. A few minutes later, Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted in tax and bank fraud. Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen had astonishing acceptance by putting them in trouble. During the campaign, he also agreed to give money to two women for silence on their alleged relations with Trump.