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Donald Trump has expected a wonderful future for North Korea.

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US President Donald Trump hopes for a wonderful future before the North Korean leader Kim Jong-talks with him. He said that provided his friend agreed to abandon his nuclear weapons. Trump tweeted that on leaving the nuclear weapons, North Korea would have such opportunities as no other country has been in history.

Between Trump and Kim, there will be a one-on-one discussion on Thursday, after which they will have dinner and will continue to talk later. He called Kim as his friend. Till recently, tensions between the two countries have increased due to North Korea’s nuclear program, and both leaders were insulting each other. At the same time, Trump also targeted his opponents who criticized his engagement with North Korea.

Trump, pointing to the predecessor Obama, said, “Democrats should stop talking about what I should do with North Korea and instead ask ourselves why it was during the eight years of the Obama administration Did not? ‘

In this two-day talks between Trump and Kim, efforts will be made to implement the unclear declaration issued after the historic talks in Singapore in June. Kim Jong-Hahn from Hanoi has arrived from his armored train. A large number of people gathered there to welcome Kim.