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Donald Trump emphasizes on building the wall, say – ‘Only eligible people come to America.’

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US President Donald Trump on Thursday emphasized that by building a wall on the border, illegal migrants and drug addicts can be prevented from coming into the country. He also said that he wants people to come to America on the merit basis. Trump said in a meeting with Republican leaders and administrative officials in the White House on immigration motion.

Trump said, ‘We want people to come on the basis of merit. We want that people who come to our country to successfully help all these ongoing companies, “he said, adding that America is doing well under his leadership. The American president said, “We have many people who really need us. There is a minimum unemployment rate in our country’s history. We have African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans for more than 50 years. ‘

Trump insisted that it is necessary to build a wall on the border to prevent illegal migrants from coming to America. They said, ‘We have to build the wall. We have to be barricaded any kind of It has been made. ‘