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Does your relationship not last long? Follow these methods for a long-lasting and healthy relationship.


Going out, taking a look at one another, dating, investing energy are a wide range of approaches of characterizing that we know them. The understanding between the two builds a relationship. Love is the important thing to build a relationship.

Relationships need a lot of work and communication but then also it can be difficult to understand what the other person is thinking. The relationship is a state in which two or more people are connected to each other. The relationship is a feeling of love and hate for someone or something. To be in a relationship means being yourself. Everyone has their own thoughts and are different in their own way, being in a relationship allows us to celebrate the mutual difference!

Factors required in a healthy relationship

Here are three factors required in a healthy relationship:

1. Accessibility 

The first key factor in a relationship is accessibility. It is necessary that the partner should be accessible, and people need to feel that their partner is accessible. To increase accessibility in a relationship, focus on your partner, and be sensitive when they are attempting to contact you. It can be difficult to express a desire for peace in the midst of disconnect, your partner may try to contact you after a fight but in a soft kind of way. Attempt to be available to that. It is important to listen to them patiently. Sometimes they want to be heard and understood by their partner but receive an unwanted response. You can build your availability by simply listening and approving how your partner feels. It generally feels great to be approved.

2. Responsiveness

The second key factor in a relationship is responsiveness. It is important for the partner to be responsive. If you are inaccessible to the fact that you are doing something different, let them know and promise them that their interests are essential to you. You should find time later that you can meet up to examine the issue and really respect that dedication. By not responding to each other can create problematic possibilities. So it is important to remain connected by responding. 

3. Emotional Engagement

The third key factor in a relationship is emotional engagement. Emotions are not always well understood. It is said that love is really an emotional bond than anything else, It is urgent for the partner to be emotionally engaged with one another. It isn’t just essential to think about your partner’s emotional experience and be interested in it, yet you should also tell them. The more emotionally engaged partners are with one another, the more grounded is their bond.

What being in a Relationship really means? 

1. Giving and Getting the Time

Women, as well as men, want someone to understand them. By giving time to each other can make their bond stronger. Giving time to your partner can resolve all the issues between the partners. 

2. Being Patient

Accepting your partner with their imperfections needs patience. Things will get perfect with little patience. Having daily fights over routine habits with your partner is no point. They need time to change themselves. 

3. Being able to Share

Sharing feelings, emotions, finances, thoughts, words, and actions empowers you to spend quality time with your partner. When you spend time with each other, you connect. When you connect with one another, then the relationship begins and you both feel complete in your own world. 

4. Being the Strength
In life, everyone feels low at some point. At this time being with your partner makes you stronger. When someone believes in you, motivates, inspires, strengthens you make you realize the actual meaning of relationship. Be strong together as a team.

5. Love
Everyone has their own perception of love. It is difficult to define love. There is no best definition of love. According to us, love is a feeling which cannot be expressed through words but is a strong connection with another person irrespective of gender, caste, and religion. Love means accepting the flaws, praise the good, and give the motivation to change. Love keeps the relationship strong and solid. Love means when they complete each other by accepting them as they are. It is the existence of togetherness. 

6. Being yourself

If your partner accepts the way you are, you don’t need to change yourself just to impress your partner. In a relationship, you are yourself where you can live your life without any restrictions. Your partner moves you to be simply the best form. Being in a relationship allows you to share mutual differences. 

Key Takeaways
Increase your availability, responsiveness, and emotional engagement with each other so battles will begin to be simpler to survive. Try to build a bond in your relationship at each and every step. Understanding each other is an important factor in a relationship. Make time for each other so that relationship gets stronger. 

Work hard to maintain the love for a healthier and happier relationship, and don’t ever let it ruin.