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Do you know why your hair is unmanageable? Here are 5 most common hair care mistakes that are the reason for it.

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Hair is one of the most attractive features of one’s appearance and personality. Both men and women desire to have healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. The quality of our hair depends on how we treat our hair. Even though you may use a lot of expensive hair care products for you but what if the technique of your hair treatment isn’t right? I’m going to reveal 5 very common mistakes we all make and which prove to be very harmful to our hair.

• Incorrect way of combing hair

The wrong method of combing hair can lead to some serious problems to your hair like hair fall, frizzy hair, dandruff, etc. So the most common error we do is that we comb our hair right after a hair wash. Hair is very fragile especially when it’s wet. Your hair problem also links to the type of brush or comb you use. Combing with fine teeth generates more friction while combing, leading to breakage. Always apply oil or moisturizer before combing your hair.

• Towel dry

This is the most common mistake we all make. We use a towel incorrectly to dry our hair after a shower. Using a towel to wipe in circular motion leads to friction. You must not rub the towel. Instead, dab it or press the towel gently on wet hair.

• Say no to blow dry

The use of excessive heat on hair is not good for the health of your hair. Let your hair air dry naturally. Blow-dry only during emergencies. That too, briskly not just focusing on a particular area of your hair which can be very bad for your hair.

• Avoid frequent hair styling

Hairstyle adds to your beauty a lot. Frequently changing hairstyles can be harmful to hair. We use many chemicals to style our hair. Most of the time we use heat tools. This practice leads to a low density of hair, thinning of hair, and breakage of hair. Let it be natural or use home remedies to style it.

• Regular hair cuts

Lastly, we all have faced problems with split ends. The main reason for the split ends is not having a regular haircut schedule. The split ends eventually leads to problems like dry, rough, frizzy and brittle hair. So always schedule your hair cut to avoid the problem of split ends. As we all know, happiness is in the hair.