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By attractive I don’t mean outward appearances. I’m talking about the way a person is, the way he/she talks, acts, and behaves. It’s really attractive when you and that person think the same. Someone who takes accountability for his/her actions. Here are 4 things that are really attractive.

• Mental attraction

Being physically attracted is a short-term strategy to get someone’s attention, being mentally attractive is a long-term strategy to keep that attention. Social media has taught this generation to care more about how they look on the outside, than what they can offer on the inside. The depth of a relationship is determined by the depth of the people in it – as it is the shallowness.

• Being able to admit you are wrong

It takes guts to admit when you’re wrong, especially during an argument and it is literally so attractive when someone is able to accept the fact that he/she messed up. “I made a mistake” “I apologise” “I’m going to change” are some of the phrases everyone wants to learn. Humility and maturity is attractive. If someone can put their ego and pride aside and say these three sentences (they must mean it though) then they are worth keeping around.

• Being able to be yourself, online as well as offline

Being willing to look stupid or weird in the process of being yourself, is one of the most attractive traits anyone can have. Caring too much about what other people think, about the likes, comments, followers is alright too, if that’s who you truly are. There’s something unbelievably attractive about someone who validates themselves without the approval of strangers.

• Being spontaneous

Nothing kills the excitement in a relationship like too much routine and schedules. It’s great when someone is spontaneous. Never forget the importance of being completely spontaneous, not needing to have everything planned out, taking a risk, going for an adventure and living in the moment. Too many people have too much routine and not enough life.