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Do not eat these food together if you drink alcohol.

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When people drink, then they eat something as snacks together, whether it is salad, fruits, snacks or nuts, but they do not know which of these things to eat with a drink Beneficial and which food is harmful Today, we will tell you what kind of things you should not eat at all with a drink.


While people drink salted or chips while drinking, dry fruits like cashews, pistachios are served on the restaurant, hotel or bar. Diet with alcohol is very dangerous for health. In fact, cashew nut is high in the level of cholesterol, due to which hunger dies and the digestion is worsened. In this way alcoholism has a bad effect on health.

Soda or cold drink

Many people have a passion to drink drinks by mixing cold drinks or soda drinks, while drinking alcohol should never be consumed by mixing soda or any of the aromatic drinks, as they also dehydrate the body like alcohol.

Orange and other citrus fruits

Some people also take fruits with alcohol, but it is also important to know which fruit you can eat with a drink. For instance, banana food is right because it contains potassium, which helps in reducing the dehydration problem in the body after drinking. Frutates containing oranges and citric acid should never be taken with drink because they damage the digestive system.

Fried food or snacks

Avoid eating any type of fried food items with drinks. According to New York based nutritionist Carrie Glasman, fried food items contain salt, which increases the dehydration’s problem.

Do not drink alcohol

While drinking alcohol is harmful, it is better that you leave it, but if you are not able to leave it, then be sure that you do not eat anything as a snack with a drink.