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Disney + Coming Up With New Web Series WandaVision!

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Disney+ is growing at a very rapid pace. And it is trying to give full competition to Netflix. It is launching back to back web series and movies. And one of the best we series it is relying on is WandaVision. Disney+ is waiting to release this web series to keep the customers satisfied.

Earlier, it was going to release in December. But now, it is pushed back to January 15. This news came by Walt Disney Co. This web series is a MArvel Studios TV series. And it is one of the best web series that Disney+ is going to launch. Disney+ started its subscription services almost a year ago.

This movie has actors Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as Vision. And these both characters are already world-famous. The reason behind this is their appearance in the blockbuster Avengers. This series will be a six-hour series. And this is made especially for Disney+ only.

Another movie that it will show is the Soul. The Soul is a Pixar movie. And it is coming up with a series too. This series is a Star Wars Lego holiday special. The movie will be released on the streaming service on Christmas Day, December 25.

Netflix is facing huge competition due to this new platform. The reason behind this is the quickly growing subscriber base of the same. In August, Disney+ was having 60 million subscribers. And this is a huge number within a short period.