Dinosaurs ended, but how did crocodiles survive?

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A catastrophic event happened on Earth 66 million years ago from today. Due to this, two-thirds of the species of the world’s fauna were destroyed, and a new era was started. The main reason for this mass extinction was the collision of an asteroid with the Earth, after which the Earth caused such a climate change in which it became impossible for most of the world’s creatures to survive, which included dinosaurs. There is some particular reason by which they were able to save themselves.

About 9 kilometers wide, this asteroid fell in the shallow sea near today’s Mexico. Because of this, incidents like earthquakes, tidal waves, forest fires, and toxic rain started happening globally. This asteroid had hit such a place where rocks could quickly erupt, and the Earth shook such that in many places, volcanoes began erupting. Due to this, a considerable amount of dust covered the sky, and for months the whole Earth was covered with clouds.

All these events resulted in the Earth sinking into darkness, and a long winter was seen. Without sunlight, green plants started dying. After that, it was the turn of animals that eat plants, and it became difficult for the animals that eat the flesh of these plant-eating animals. This was that two-thirds of the animal species were wiped out from the Earth. ,

After this incident, some animals were successful in saving themselves. A group of dinosaurs also managed to survive because they could fly and go elsewhere searching for food. Their feathers protected them from the cold, and with their beaks, they could eat seeds buried near dead plants on the ground. Surprisingly, these surviving dinosaurs are still alive today, called birds.

Apart from the birds, another group of animals could save themselves. And these were crocodiles. They could not fly, did not have wings, or eat seeds, but still, they managed to survive. The crocodile’s body uses very little energy. They lie like this and breathe very slowly, and even their heartbeat is very slow. That’s why they can stay underwater for a long time, more than an hour, without breathing.

Crocodiles can live for months without food, and sometimes this interval can be more than a year. On the other hand, Dinosaurs were more active, which meant that they needed more energy. This was especially the case with meat-eating velociraptors. Without food, they would have died soon.

Crocodiles used to live in a place where the end of green plants would not have made a big difference. Crocodiles would not have died anywhere in the connection that started with the destruction of plants, which mostly live on the lake, river, and seashore. The creatures that eat the substances made from dead plants must have remained alive, which are animals that eat crocodiles.

A similar explanation can also be given for the survival of the ancestors of humans. These small mammals are those that lived during the end of the dinosaurs. In this Mass Extinction, they got a chance to flourish, due to which today we see many mammals, including humans in the world. There were mainly rats in this, which used to eat insects. These insects used to eat dead leaves and bark of trees.