Dinosaur: 70 million-year-old ’embryo’ of dinosaur found

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Scientists have found a 72-million-year-old dinosaur egg fossil in southern China. A preserved dinosaur embryo has been found inside it. This fetus has been named Baby Yingliang.

Scientists have found it in the rocks of the Hekou Formation in the Shahe Industrial Park of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. It is one of the most complete dinosaur embryos ever known. It is believed that it must have been 10.6 inches long. The research was carried out by University of Birmingham palaeontologist Fionn Wassam Mai and colleagues. He said dinosaur embryos are some of the rarest fossils ever found, and most of them are boneless. We are incredibly excited about the discovery of Baby Yingliang.

feathered dinosaurs didn’t have teeth
Palaeontologists from the University of Birmingham said that this embryo belongs to the oviraptorosaur species. It had no teeth but a beak. Oviraptorosaurs were feathered dinosaurs found in the rocks of Asia and North America. Their beak and body size varied, allowing them to adopt a wide range of diets.

Answers to questions about growth and reproduction

The pictures show how its head was under its body, its back was curved in the shape of an egg, and so were its legs, head, etc. This dinosaur baby was in the process of breaking out of the egg. Researchers said that such a posture (baby yingliang) is seen during tucking in modern birds. Tucking is a process controlled by the central nervous system that is crucial for successful hatching. The researchers said the discovery could answer many questions about the evolution and reproduction of dinosaurs.


It is a big deal for fossils to be preserved in this way
Professor Darla Zelenitsky, from the Department of Geology at the University of Calgary in Canada, said that the baby dinosaur bones found inside the egg are small and fragile. Such fossils seem impossible to find. Perhaps we are lucky that we have found a baby dinosaur. Fossil has been found. It is a big deal for a fossil to be preserved in this way.

Scientists say they had no idea that the baby dinosaur could be inside it in a wholly preserved state when they found the egg. Scientists believe that if this dinosaur came out of its egg, its length could have been 2 to 3 meters. This dinosaur is going to eat plants.