Dimensity 2000

Dimensity 2000 leaks prior to the launch of the Snapdragon 898


Before the release of the Snapdragon 898, leaks of Dimensity 2000 have begun. According to MediaTek, the first 4nm mobile chip will be released in the industry and it will be faster and more efficient. But at what rate? An AnTuTu listing of a mysterious Vivo phone has finally thrown some light on the matter.

Despite the lack of information on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898, the rumored Dimensity 2000 CPU has been found on a Vivo smartphone. It had a score of one million and a half! When it comes to Android, it’s the greatest score we’ve ever observed on the Vivo prototype with this next MediaTek flagship CPU.

With a score of 1 million, Dimensity 2000 was leaked online.
Since the iPad Pro with the M1 chip scored roughly a million points on AnTuTu, this is nothing new. When compared to the Snapdragon 888, there is a lot of raw power. We don’t yet know what the Snapdragon 898’s results will be, but we anticipate seeing both Qualcomm and MediaTek compete for benchmark dominance throughout the year.

These three CPUs are all expected to use the Cortex-X2 core as their primary high-performance core, according to previous rumors. In terms of the GPUs, Samsung is expected to launch it’s AMD GPU, MediaTek may utilize a Mali GPU, and Qualcomm could employ a newer Adreno GPU.

If the Snapdragon 898 is unveiled on November 30, we may expect to see Motorola and Xiaomi announcing their 2022 flagships before the year is through.

This year, the gap between the Dimensity 2000 and the Snapdragon 898 is yet to be noticed. Until now, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 series chips had outperformed those of the Dimensity chips in terms of raw processing power. Just like the Snapdragon 870 from 2020, which was a revised version of the 865, the Dimensity 1200 from MediaTek for 2021 was just slightly better than that.