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Dil Bechara- heart-rending work of Sushant Singh Rajput

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Life is what we live and can decide how to live it. The death is destined before the birth itself. The most famous dialogue in the movie “Dil Bechara”. The sudden demise of the astonishing and marvelous artist has left all of us in utter shock. His loss has not only created grief in the hearts of his family, friends, and fans. It has also created a void in the hearts of all other people who might have not admired the gem of an actor before his death. It is so rightly stated that the value of a person is only seen when he/she is not anymore around. So is the case with Sushant. He had the onset of his career from television with the vividly famous serial, Kis Desh Mein Meraa Dil and then coming up with the most favorite character of the Hindi serials, Manav in Pavitra Rishta. He started his filming career in Kai Po Che.

The actor has not only done a fabulous job in the area of performing but is also a stunning dancer. While in his college days where he aroused his interests towards the dancing and joined the society in his engineering college. Don’t be shocked after knowing this, a lot of us know that he was a college drop out. He has been trained as a dancer under the most famous choreographer in the country, Shaimak. His path in the industry has remained full of struggles and hence the Bollywood is said to be the industry which can make or break the career. The actor was dealing with imprecise depression which has given all of us and him a great loss from life.

Coming to the last screen role that is directed by the renowned director, Mukesh Chhabra. He has also said that the actor was extremely introvert but in the same place was very curious to know several things about the world and beyond it. Sushant has played an immensely in love and funny character in the movie, Dil Bechara. He has the character name, Manny. The trailer of the movie was released worldwide on 6 July 2020. The trailer has broken several records on YouTube. It has become one of the most liked trailers in less than just 24 hours. It has grabbed a lot of attention in the minds of people and in their hearts too. Several actors and actresses are paving a path for getting the last screening of the early gone actor memorable. The movie’s trailer has been well appreciated and loved by the fans as well as is breaking several records. Also the actress, Sanjana Sanghi has done an exceptional role. The movie will be released on the platform of Disney+ Hotstar. The application requires a subscription to watch movies but to give tribute to the finest actor it has acclaimed that the movie will be available to all the subscribers and the non-subscribers.

Fans are though getting upset about the fact that the movie will be released only on the OTT platforms and not in theatres. The light to this fact is that the director made the movie universal by establishing it with such a platform and hence the fan can watch their idol whenever they want. Also, the movie once getting off from the theatres may or may not come to the televisions this is also questionable hence the film has been made immortal. The work of the actor and the memories he had in this industry has flooded everyone’s social media platform. The Instagram and twitter followers of the famous actor are also increasing in a huge lot.

The movie is a rom-com drama. In this the two eligible but challenged adults, Kizzie Basu who is dealing with cancer and the dashing, Manny who has touched osteosarcoma but has battled from such dreadful disease. His entry in the movie starts as a really charming and notorious fellow. Also, the journey in the movie shows that he has been really happy and also falls in love with the very beautiful and loving character, Kizzie. The movie would have twists of romance, comedy, intense drama, and several emotional moments. Also, it revolves around a word, Seri which means okay in the Tamil language. The movie has been awaited by all the people and the trailer in all is doing great on the online platform. People are escalating the posters and the trailers on their social media handles. The movie release is going to be a real blockbuster. The last on-screen work of such fine actor will be really hard to watch but being SSRians, fans and people will see his work as this is the last time he will be acting for us.

The world seems such a small place when an actor who relates to the lives of the common people goes away. The hypocrisy in the minds of people and celebrities is still there. As when the star was alive the amount of appreciation and stardom he should have received he didn’t get it, rather it was said that he was boycotted from several production houses. It was also strangulated as one of the chief concerns for his depression. The actor has gone and 14th June 2020 hence be considered a dark day of Bollywood. Some say its nepotism and some say the mafia, whatever it is a loss has occurred that is irreplaceable. The family will have to be strong enough to bear the loss priory as they have lost their son, brother, and blood. And it must be understood to the people who are making his death as the part of their clickbait and hot news, they should stop that. May the legend rest in peace for real.