Diamond: Scientists found a ‘pregnant diamond,’ a valuable thing that came out of it

Interesting science

Most of the world’s minerals are found under rocks. They are found in the shape of large stones, which are later refined. Gold is also extracted in the same way. But recently, scientists have found such a mineral which was never seen before (New Mineral Found). The most exciting thing is that this mineral is not found anywhere else but from inside the diamond. This diamond was extracted from far below the surface of the Earth. In such a situation, many people are telling this mineral to be a product of pregnant diamond.

This mineral, which came out from inside the diamond, has been named dolomite. The mineral got this name after the famous Geophysicist Ho-Kwang (Dave) Mao. This is the best example of high-pressure calcium silicate perovskite (CaSiO3) inside the Earth. However, a single form of this stone is quite common. It is found everywhere, which you know as a diamond. But now, the unique mineral found was never seen before.

According to scientists, dolomite is present in large quantities. This mineral is in the middle of the Earth. The amount of pressure required to make it is too much. In such a situation, where this mineral is found, the excavation can be significantly less. It was only read in books but recently found in Botswana, Davomite came out from inside a diamond which surprised everyone. According to the news of LiveScience, the diamond from which Davomite was found was 660 kilometers below the surface of the Earth.

The International Mineralogical Association has confirmed that this is a new mineral. Mineralogist Oliver Tschauner of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas said that the discovery of this stone is nothing short of surprising. He said that the found dolomite was only a few micrometers big.