Dhanush plays a vital role in the upcoming Russo Brothers movie The Gray Man


The action-thriller The Gray Man on Netflix will soon include Indian actor Dhanush, who previously made his Hollywood debut with the 2018 film The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir. With few lines of conversation and lots of exciting action sequences, the actor portrays an assassin.

Dhanush recently shared his experiences on the Russo Brothers movie set, considering that it was his first significant Hollywood experience. The actor said he enjoyed working with the renowned filmmaker team because of how easy and seamless the process was. The actor told indianexpress.com that even though the nation and language were foreign to him, he handled himself fairly well on the first day of filming.

“I was not nervous at all. I felt I had a responsibility, now that the West is watching talents from India, I felt I had to deliver so that they come for more talent from here, that was the only thing I had in mind. Otherwise, I felt no pressure. Working with the Russo brothers was a really simple and smooth process. They talk to you about the characters and they make everything so easy for you. It was really fun working with them,” Dhanush told.

Joe Russo said, “The Gray Man has real-world action and everyone is bound to the laws of physics, unlike Marvel, where you can use their powers to create miraculous escapes from jeopardy. So, this was harder, because of course Gray Man is human, he encounters a lot of different obstacles in the movie. He has to escape from a plane, a well and at one point, he is handcuffed to a bench. Ryan Gosling’s character has to use a combination of wit and skill to escape, so it’s harder for us to dream up the resolution of those sequences for someone who doesn’t have superpowers.”

The Russos said, “It requires more attention and discipline. But the fact that Gray Man is like us is what makes the whole thing interesting. Because of his limitations, this is more challenging and fun, and it was a welcome change from producing superhero movies.”

The Gray Man, which also stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Rege-Jean Page, Ana de Armas, and Jessica Henwick, will debut in theatres on July 15 and Netflix on July 22.