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Developed a new computer chip, now it will be thousand times faster than others.

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Due to the rapidly changing technology, a new computer chip has been developed, with the help of which data operations can be done 1000 times faster. Developers say that this advanced chip will help in new scientific discoveries. With the help of a new chip developed by British computing startup Blueshift memory, DNA research, artificial intelligence design and new drug can be discovered.

The new chip could potentially improve research in climate change by optimizing the city’s infrastructure and layout. Also Chip can solve issues like traffic and pollution in big cities. A prototype of the memory chip is already showing increasing gaps between the speed of computer processing unit (CPU) as compared to memory chips, this problem, known as ‘data tailback’.

Understanding data tailback in easy language, high-performance computer data-intents are not able to fully utilize their CPU capability while performing operations. For example, in order to analyze the database on a large scale, it can not use the full potential. New chips can allow computers to perform such operations which are currently complete in hours or days. It will take only a few minutes to come in the future.

Peter Marosan, Chief Technology Officer of BlueShift Memory said, ‘Imagine if you are a taxi driver but the city you work in is always changing, people are constantly changing the status of homes and shops. Many services disappear forever and again appear in different places. Similar data is arranged in existing chips. ‘

Peter said, ‘Our design is like changing the existing situation with a stable, structured city, where you already know where everything is and it can get very fast.’ The new design allows for highly efficient modeling of data, which means that it will be useful for forecasting weather and predicting climate change.