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Determining the charges of fraud on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife.

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Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, has been charged with cheating of fraud and breaking trust for misusing official treasury. This information was given by the Minister of Justice. According to an allegation filed in the court of the Jerusalem Magistrate on Thursday, in this case identified as ‘Mills Ordering Affair’, the Prosecutors said that Netanyahu paid a value of $ 1 million at the Prime Minister’s residence during 2010-2013. To repay the food money, misuse of the public exchequer.

CNN told the prosecutors, they allegedly paid about $ 10,000 to private chefs also. Sara Netanyahu has denied these allegations. His domestic assistant, Menei Naftali, registered a case of misbehavior and abuse in a labor court against Benjamin’s wife Sara. Labor Court ordered Sara to pay a compensation of Rs 1,70,000 shekels (currency) or $ 43,700 i.e. around Rs 29,73,345 as compensation to the victim’s assistant. In his judgment, the court had said that the excessive anger and unreasonable demands of Sara were causing unjust conditions for his employees.

The Israeli prime minister termed the accusations made against his wife as a futile Let’s say that there are many allegations of corruption on Netanyahu family. The Prime Minister himself has many charges of corruption. This is Netanyahu’s fourth term as Israel’s Prime Minister.