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Despite US objections, India will deal from Russia. India will give information in 2 + 2 talks.

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Despite the US objections, India will deal with Russia to deal with the S-400 Triumph Defense Defense Purchase Agreement. It is believed that India can convey to the US during the upcoming 2+2 dialogue talks that it is moving forward on this deal of Rs 40,000 crore with Moscow. Official sources told this Sunday.

He told that India could demand a rebate from the Trump Administration for this big deal. For this, India can cite its needs regarding missile system in view of its close defense cooperation with Russia, along with the background of regional security. A high level official source said, “India has almost completed the S-400 missile deal with Russia and we are moving forward on this. The issue will be conveyed to the US from the side. ‘

The United States has imposed a military ban against Russia under the strict CAATSA law for possession of Crimea and for alleged interference in the election of the US President in 2016. Under the CAATSA, the Donald Trump Administration has the right to penalize the country and the institution involved in significant transactions with Russia’s defense or intelligence establishment. Pentagon senior executive Randal Screwre, who sees the Asia issue, said on Thursday that the US can not guarantee that India will be exempted from buying arms and defense mechanism from Russia.

America has been indicating that he does not want India to finalize the deal with Russia. The first edition of the much-awaited two plus-talk talks on strategic matters between the US and India will be held here on September 6. It will discuss bilateral, regional and global issues of mutual interest. Under the new format set last year, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will hold talks with US Secretary of State Mike R Pompeo and Defense Minister James Mattis.

Sources say that India will make pressure on the US for the missile deal because the air defense system is necessary in terms of safety preparedness. He said that Russia and India will announce this deal in October with the annual meeting between PM Modi and Vladimir Putin. India wants to strengthen the air defense system especially on the 4000 km long border with China. China has already bought the state-of-the-art S-400 Air Defense missile system in 2014. Moscow has also started its delivery to China.