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Designer Nipple’s Craze Growing For Women To Look Pretty.

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New York, Here nowadays, the craze of designer nipple is increasing in women. To look like model Kendall Jenner, women prefer to design nipple with the help of surgery and medicines. Norman Row, a plastic surgeon in New York, says most of his patients prefer ‘high beam or headlight’ look.

Botox fillers are used for this in Dr. Row’s clinic. Its price starts at $ 700. The doctor says that many women want to wear such clothes in which the nipple is viable. In such a way, they need good-looking nipples.

Dr. Row says that the way to do different types of nipple designing is different. According to the New York Post, this sometimes requires surgery. Occasionally designer nipples are provided using Botox filler. This requires injection of 3 to 4 times a year.