Deodorant: You do not know these disadvantages of body spray

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To get rid of the foul smell of sweat, people resort to deodorant to get rid of the smell of work coming from the body. Some people are so fond of body sprays that they keep different types of deodorants in their closets and use these body sprays daily. But do you know that body spray also harms your health?

Yes, if you are also fond of deodorants, then once you know about their disadvantages. Know six disadvantages of body spray-

  1. Regular use of deodorant leads to red rashes in the skin, and problems like itching start.
  2. The use of body spray can also cause problems like shortness of breath. Some people are also allergic to strong-smelling deodorants.
  3. Body sprays are used to reduce the odor of sweat, but deodorant affects the process of perspiration, making the sweat even fouler.
  4. Using four deodorants can also darken your underarms. If you apply the deodorant directly to the skin, then it gradually starts darkening your skin.

5 . Be careful while using five perfumes and deodorants. Do not apply it directly to the body but spray it on the clothes.

6 Spray the perfume before wearing the jewelry. Otherwise, the chemicals found in it can affect the shine of the jewelry.