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The most dense fog of the season in Delhi, Visibility 50 meters, impact on more than 200 flights.

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There is a dense fog throughout North India, including the National Capital Region. On Sunday, the dense fog was recorded in Delhi and visibility reached 50 meters. This has affected over 200 flights. 150 flights were delayed, 50 flights were diverted and 20 had to be canceled. On Sunday, the Air Quality Index was also recorded as dangerous (hazardous).

25 International Flights Delay
– News Agency said that 17 domestic and 8 international flights were diverted while 11 international flights were deployed.

– 4 international flights including one international and 3 domestic were canceled.

According to RK Janmani, director of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) of Delhi and Iggy Area, “Visibility at runway from 5:30 in the morning was only 50-75 meters. This was the worst experience this year.”

– Let the Delhi airport have Advanced Technology for Landing at Low Visibility (CAT IIIB). Landing can be done even if it has 50 meters visibility. At the same time, there should be at least 125 meters visibility for takeoff.

15 trains cancel, 57 late
The Northern Railway Railway said that 15 trains have been canceled due to fog and 57 trains are being delayed. While the schedules of 18 trains have been changed.
– The Meteorological Department had predicted maximum temperature of 23 degree and minimum temperature of 7 degree Celsius. It was also said that there would be dense fog throughout the day.

Due to two months of bad weather in Delhi
– Bad weather has remained in Delhi for last 2 months. People have suffered a lot due to smug. The reasons for smog were reported to be responsible for burning of pollen in areas adjacent to Delhi.
Due to smog, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) banned the entry of heavy vehicles and industrial emission in construction work, Delhi.