Dengue-spreading mosquitoes

Dengue-spreading mosquitoes will be destroyed by ‘Good mosquitoes,’ scientists told how it would be possible

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Scientists have found a way to kill the mosquitoes that spread Dengue. Indonesian researchers have developed a mosquito in the lab that will kill the Dengue-spreading mosquitoes. Researchers are calling it a ‘good mosquito,’ whose bite will not cause Dengue to people.

To prepare this mosquito in the lab, the help of a species of insect was taken, in which anti-dengue virus bacteria are found. The name of this bacteria found in about 60 percent of insects is Wolbachia. These bacteria are already present in the ‘good mosquitoes’ prepared by breeding in the lab. Dengue virus cannot enter the body of mosquitoes equipped with this bacteria.

The study, conducted under the World Mosquito Program (WMP), found that Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that spread Dengue do not have this bacteria. Keeping this fact in mind, scientists have been researching since 2017 to find a way to deal with Dengue.

The research was conducted jointly by Australia’s Monash University and Indonesia’s Gadjah Mada University under WMP. Adi Utarini, a leading researcher at WMP and working in Indonesia’s Dengue Eradication Program since 2011, said that this technique would be very effective in areas severely affected by Dengue.

This is how Dengue will end:
WMP member Purvanti said the newly developed mosquito is a “good mosquito” because it will not allow the dengue virus to spread. When the Dengue-spreading mosquitoes i.e., Aedes aegypti mosquitoes breed together with these ‘good mosquitoes,’ the new mosquitoes produced from them will also be equipped with Wolbachia bacteria, i.e., ‘good mosquitoes.’ Dengue will not spread due to the bite of these mosquitoes, while on the other hand, the mosquitoes that spread Dengue will complete their life cycle and die on their own in a few days. In this way, the mosquitoes that spread dengue disease will be eliminated.

Dengue cases were reduced by 77 percent in the trial:
In the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta, dengue patients were reduced by about 77 percent when mosquitoes equipped with lab-grown Wolbachia bacteria were released in an area declared red zone due to Dengue. In addition, the number of hospitalizations due to Dengue has come down by 86 percent. The research report related to this result of the trial has been published in the New England Journal.

Dengue threatens half the world:
According to the World Health Organization, dengue infection has spread rapidly around the world in recent decades. Every year 10 to 400 million people in the world are infected with Dengue. Dengue infections have increased eight-fold in the last two decades. However, 70 percent of dengue infection cases are found in Asia alone.

Dengue cases in Delhi cross 1500:
This year dengue infection cases have crossed the 1500 mark in Delhi alone. So far, 1530 people have been infected with Dengue in Delhi, while six people have died. Earlier in the year 2016, 4431 people were infected in the year 2016, 4726 in the year 2017, 2798 in the year 2018, 2036 in the year 2019, and 1072 in the year 2020.