Dengue patients should not eat potatoes, black pepper, and tomato! Know the opinion of medical science

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These days the season of dengue and viral fever is going on. Somebody is suffering from this in every house. In such a situation, along with taking medicines on the advice of a doctor, you need to know what you should not eat in dengue fever. Actually, dengue is a disease for which there is no specific treatment in medical science. Our body fights against the dengue virus, and it recovers us from this disease. But sometimes, due to negligence or any other reason, the condition of the patient suffering from dengue becomes serious, and he needs to be taken to the hospital. Sometimes dengue becomes fatal as well.

Due to no special treatment in medical science, many people also adopt indigenous methods to treat dengue. The indigenous method includes the consumption of goat’s milk, papaya leaf juice, etc.

No perfect cure for dengue

Actually, the biggest problem with dengue is the decrease in the number of platelets in human blood. It is only because of the platelets in the blood that the blood coagulates or that it is thick. The number of platelets in the blood of a healthy person should be between 1.5 lakh to 4 lakh, but in dengue patients, this number falls to a few thousand. On the other hand, there is no surefire cure in medical science to increase the number of platelets. In such a situation, people adopt the method of indigenous treatment.

Papaya leaf juice
Papaya leaf juice and goat’s milk are the most effective for this, but medical science does not confirm this. But these things are entirely organic and have no side effects, so there is no problem trying them.

What not to eat in this disease?

Actually, dengue is a disease where the human blood starts thinning due to a lack of platelets. In such a disease, we should not eat any such medicine or food so that this blood becomes thinner. Doctors ask the patient to consume more and more fluids and food rich in protein, fibre, and iron. In such a situation, patients can also consume meat, eggs, liver at the time of recovery. Due to this, blood is formed faster in the body, and the person’s immunity is better.

Don’t take a painkiller
But there are some things that you should altogether avoid consuming. Medical science forbids dengue patients to take painkillers under any circumstances. Pain killers like Brufen and Combiflam help us get relief from any kind of pain by thinning the blood in the body. But in the case of dengue, they can be fatal. Due to the lack of platelets in dengue, the human blood is already thin. In such a situation, there is a risk of bleeding in the stomach due to the consumption of these medicines. If this happens, the person’s condition can become severe.

Patients should avoid tomatoes, potatoes, and black pepper
Dengue patients should not consume potatoes, tomatoes, and black pepper. Actually, salicylates are found in these things, which act like aspirin. These things thin the blood and slow down the clotting process. In such a situation, the risk of bleeding in the stomach of a dengue patient also increases. Apart from this, the consumption of cherries, blackberries, apples, grapes, lemons, strawberries, almonds, walnuts, etc., should also be minimized. Blood thinners are found in all these things.