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A defamation case against a woman who started the #MeToo Campaign in France.

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Paris, Like the worldwide ‘Me-Too’ campaign, female journalist Sandra Muller, who ran a campaign in France, told that the person whom she accused of sexual harassment has now sued her for defamation against Muller. Muller accuses him of abusive comments on executive television station Eric Bryon who works in his TV channel’s office. Muller had told Twitter on October 13 with #balancetonporc how his TV executive commented on him.

After this post, more stories of such cases started to appear. On Thursday, Muller said that Eric Bryon, who sued him, has publicly changed his way after apologizing. Muller said that Bryon has prepared to take legal action on them. Muller says that Bryon has sued him for 50 thousand euros of defamation. Muller has said this in his Facebook post.

Writing opinion articles in a French newspaper, Bryon acknowledged that he had made an improper comment on Muller. Muller wrote in his Facebook post that with the help of his lawyer, I will go to the end of this fight. He said, “I hope that through this trial, there will be debate on how to face sexual harassment.” Let me tell you that Time Magazine named Muller a ‘Silence Breaker’ while adding to the list of Person of the Year in 2017.