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Deepika Padukone deleted all her posts, let’s know the reason

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Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone deleted each one of her posts from her social media profiles on Twitter and Instagram. Bringing a lot to the astonishment of her fans. The posts appeared to be on vanish for the time being. Many people were assuming whether someone got access to her profile. In any case, a source near the entertainer disclosed to The Indian Express that it was not the situation.

The actress on Friday took to the platforms to release a sound journal and furthermore wish her fans a Happy New Year. In a sound message, she stated, “Howdy everybody, welcome to My Audio Diary, a record of my considerations and sentiments. 2020 was per year of vulnerability for everyone except for me, it was additionally about appreciation and about being available, and for 2021, everything I can want for myself and everyone is acceptable wellbeing and significant serenity. Cheerful New Year.”

Deepika Padukone, who is dynamic via social media, has over 52.5 million followers on the photo-sharing application Instagram and about 27.7 million supporters on miniature publishing content to a blog webpage Twitter. She had around 1200 posts on Instagram, a Twitter client noted. A few clients via online media tweeted screen captures of her profile, contemplating whether it was another mission system also. “Deepika has gone from 1200 presents on 196 and keeps on diminishing. It would appear that she has a New Years Present anticipated every one of her fans,” the client tweeted.

Deepika is right now holidaying with Ranveer Singh in Rajasthan. The couple was spotted at Mumbai air terminal on Tuesday. They have travelled to a similar Ranthambore resort to praising the New Year.