Deepavali 2020: Intensive surveillance in Kovilpatti


Police have cordoned off the crowded areas of Kovilpatti ahead of the Deepavali festival and have arranged for intensive surveillance. Police Superintendent S. Jayakumar started the next phase of vehicle surveillance yesterday.

Police will be using the vehicle to monitor crime areas to prevent crime. Clear the crowd and in case of any untoward incident, the police will immediately inform the nearby security personnel. Additional police will be in the area and will take the necessary actions.

Many will be attending the event including Deputy Superintendent of Police Kalaikkathiravan, Western Police Inspector Iyappan and Traffic Police Sub-Inspector Narayanan.

Appointment of additional police ahead of the Deepavali festival

Police later told reporters that a four-wheeler awareness vehicle campaign has been launched in Kovilpatti ahead of Deepavali. The aim is to control congestion, regulate crime, prevent crime and create corona awareness. This vehicle comes with a camera. Intensive surveillance will be carried out in the area where people are most likely to be.

Kovilpatti has accepted a long-standing demand for the deployment of additional guards and currently. 25 policemen transferred from the Armed Forces to Kovilpatti just before Diwali. In particular, 15 policemen will be in-charge to Kovilpatti West and East police stations alone.