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Declaration of Iraq, war against IS is over.

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Iraq has announced that its so-called extremist organization has lost its war against Islamic State.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abdi said in a press conference in Baghdad that the Iraqi army has fully controlled the Iraqi-Syrian border.
There were some areas of IS still on the border Earlier in November, the alleged Islamic State had to retreat in Rawa.
This announcement of Iraq has happened after the declaration of the Russian army. The Russian army had said that his mission to defeat IS in Syria has been completed.

Announcement of governance in 2014
In 2014 the extremist group IS captured the large territory of Syria and Iraq and declared the caliph and ruled over more than one crore people.
However, in the last two years, the IS has faced many defeats. In July, he suffered a defeat in the second city of Mosul in Iraq. At the same time, he was defeated in the northern city of Raqqa, which is considered to be his capital, last month.
Some IS fighters have been dispersed in Syria’s rural areas, while some fighters are expected to cross the Turkish border.
Abdi said on Saturday, “Our armies have fully controlled the Iraqi-Syrian border and that’s why I announce the ending of war against Daish (IS).”
“Our enemies wanted to destroy our civilization, but we won with our unity and determination. We have won in less time.”

Russia says its army will exist
The Iraqi army also issued a statement saying that Iraq has become ‘completely free’ from IS.
At the same time, last month, the Syrian army had said that it had “completely liberated” the last urban area of ​​Syria-based Albu Kamal in Syria-occupied Syria.
On Thursday, Colonel-General Sagei Rudscoi, chief of Russia’s military operation, had said, “The mission of defeating the Islamic State in the Syrian territory of the Russian forces is complete.”
He said that the existence of the Russian army in Syria will remain restored on peace and on the armistice.