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The decision of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, the President’s tenure is of five years.

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Colombo, Sri Lankan President Maithripal Sirisen had asked the Supreme Court, can stay for six years in office.
The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka told President Maithripal Sirisen that his tenure is five years old. The Sri Lankan President had sought the court’s verdict whether he could remain in office till 2021. Sirisen took the oath of office on January 9, 2015.

Sirisen had asked the apex court to decide that his tenure would be five years under the 1978 constitution of the Constitution of 1978 or the 19th amendment of May 15, 2015. Following the 19th amendment, different views were taken from the legal, civil and political sectors concerning the President’s tenure. In view of this, Sirisen urged the Supreme Court to give an opinion on this.
The court ruled that his tenure will last from January 2015 to five years. Now his tenure will end in January 2020. The announcement of the next presidential election will be announced by November 2019.

Sirisen’s request to the top court was surprising for many. Because he himself did the President’s tenure from six to five years through the 19th amendment. Not only this, in 2015, when Mahinda Rajapakse became the opposition candidate, he supported the demand of the civil society to end the presidency.