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Debunking shocking myths about substance use disorder or drug addiction

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Substance use disorder also commonly known as drug addiction is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behaviour and leads to an inability to control.

The cause of addiction, the substance, can be anything. Alcohol, weed, marijuana and nicotine are all considered as drugs. And drugs are very harmful, but what’s more harmful are the myths around it.

Myth says, “Once an addict, always an addict.” Well, the truth is, addiction is merely a spectrum disorder, It can be recovered from, with or without treatment, depending on the severity and character traits of the person. So, there is hope. You can change.

Another myth says, “Drug abuse treatments are single-time events and all the patients undergo similar procedures that solely includes cutting supply of drugs to them.” Whereas the truth is, repeated care, attention and multiple sessions are required for complete recovery and patients often require tailor made exercises and treatment strategies because people are different. The professionals often address the underlying emotional, physical or mental reasons for the drug abuse.

“If you love me, stop using it” does it sound familiar? Well, it’s a myth that this phrase works promptly to initiate recovery. The truth is that the person suffering is already very well aware of the consequences of his drug abuse on his close ones. It is not a choice of action that they can immediately abstain from. But they sure need support and help. Talk about it openly, make them feel mattered.

This myth is going to shock most people out there. “Drugs affect both men and women equally. It affects everyone the same irrespective of their gender.” No it not ‘one size fits all’. The consequences are different for all.

The truth is, the absorption and metabolizing of drugs occur differently in different genders. Thus, female drug abusers are more exposed to other risks involving many physical and mental healthy disorders. Moreover, the rates of access to health is unfavourable to women, creating a social unevenness in levels of recovery.

“All drugs are illegal” is a myth. The truth is that they are not. Drugs are commonly used in daily medical practices. Not all drugs are illegitimate and some are prescribed for pain control and mental health disorders. Paracetamol, crocin are legitimate drugs.

There are many myths about drug addiction that are believed blindly. So now that you’ve learnt something new, send this article to others to educate them too.