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Daughter dies of shock hours after father dies of COVID

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Every father is his daughter’s superhero. A bond between a father and daughter is something really special and pure. A father works really hard and sacrifices a lot for his daughter. This very tragic incident will bring tears to your eyes.

On the 10th of August 2020, Monday, a Punjab cop died of corona virus. He was later cremated at Payal with full rituals. After which, his visually impaired daughter, Navpreet Singh, passed away due to the shock.

As per her family, she kept calling for ‘Daddy ji’ every few minutes, collapsed, fell unconscious and died of shock late on the same day.

He would lovingly call her ‘Mota Putt‘ and whenever she demanded manchurian, he would travel to Ludhiana city to get it from a particular shop. Since the past 18 years Navpreet had been suffering from juvenile diabetes.

The diabetes eventually damaged her kidneys and also took away her eyesight, Assistant Sub-inspector (ASI) Jaspal Singh, from rural subdivision Payal, ran from one hospital to the other, to get her treated.

Talking about the father daughter bond, Singh’s son, Sharandeep Singh said, “Their bond was something else. Our father could not see her in pain even for a minute. Since she was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 8, he spent next 18 years of his life, running from one hospital to the other to get her treated. He would spend all his earnings to get my sister treated and would even take loans sometimes but her condition only deteriorated with time. On Monday, as we returned after cremating my father, she got to know that something was amiss as everyone was crying. She started asking where Daddy was and we had no answer. She died soon after.”

Kiranpal Singh, Jaspal Singh’s wife too talks about the father daughter’s bond. She said, “Yesterday, when we returned from my husband’s cremation, she heard cries of everyone. She started questioning ‘Daddy ji kithe ne, Daddy nu bulao‘ (Where’s Daddy, call him). We had no option but to tell her that her Daddy is not going to return. Soon she fell unconscious and couldn’t gather herself again. For 18 years he just toiled to get the best treatment for her. We did not leave a single hospital in Punjab and he would keep searching for new treatments. He was in more pain since two years after our daughter lost her vision completely. Her pain would leave him in tears. And they could not live without each other even for a day and their end too came together.”
Jaspal Singh who was posted at Police Lines in Ludhiana city, was under treatment for tuberculosis since March 2020 at SPS Hospital. He too was diabetic, which had also eventually affected his kidneys. He was on medical leave and had joined duty on the 24th of July. He tested positive for the novel coronavirus on 27th of July and was in home isolation since then, as per records of Ludhiana Police.

Sharandeep Singh further said, “He did not tell us that he had tested positive for coronavirus. We were suspicious but then we thought maybe due to tuberculosis he was maintaining distance from family as a precaution. He had high fever on August 5 and we took him to a local hospital. From there he was referred to PGIMER on August 6. It was only then that we got to know he was Covid positive.”

Ludhiana police commissioner, Rakesh Agrawal said that the Singh family will be given ex-gratia as per the rules. Jaspal Singh served the Punjab Police for more then 25 years. He joined the force as a constable in the year 1992.