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Date and place Final for the historical meeting with Kim : Donald Trump

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Washington, American President Donald Trump has announced that the date and place of his historic meet with Kim Kang, North Korean Supreme Leader has been finalized. He told reporters that stay connected, the announcement will be announced soon. White House announced in March that Trump will meet Kim Jong till May. After months of increasing stress for Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs, the whole world is awaiting this unexpected meeting between the two leaders.

White House had said that Trump is ready to meet Kim with May, but the time and location are final. Meanwhile, during a conversation with the media in White House before leaving for Texas, Trump said, ‘We have decided the date and location. We will announce this soon. ” He said that our very important dialogue with North Korea is going to be. There have been many good things about this already.

Let me tell you that Trump had confirmed the meeting by making a tweet but he also said that American sanctions will continue until North Korea is not concerned about the elimination of nuclear weapons. After the historic meeting between the leaders of South Korea and North Korea, tension has been low in Korea and it is being seen as the beginning of better relations with the United States.