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Data leak: Facebook now full page apologies printed in British newspapers.

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London, Facebook’s Chief Mark Zuckerberg, who has apologized in the data leak dispute, has now published the full page apology in the UK newspapers. Explain that this data leak has made a hot news in many countries including India. In an apology published on the last page of the newspaper, he said, “It is our responsibility to keep your information safe.” If we can not do it, then we are not eligible. ‘

Zuckerberg further said that the quiz was prepared by a university researcher, who leaked Facebook data of millions of people in 2014. He further said, ‘Betrayal has happened and I apologize that we did not do much. For this to happen, we are taking steps now. ‘

This apology shows a glimpse of his statement last week. After the news of the leak was reported in Europe and the United States, the investigation was started, which saw a fall in Facebook shares.

Zuckerberg then reiterated that Facebook has changed its rules so that data can not be stolen again. He wrote, “We are checking every app because they have access to a large amount of data. When we get to know, we will ban them and tell every affected person. ‘

However, the apology does not refer to cambridge analytica, a British leasing company, who helped in the American president Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. Facebook blamed Cambridge University researcher Alexander Kogan for data leaks. Kogan had created the Lifestyle Quiz App for Facebook, which was downloaded by 270,000 people, but it had made it accessible to billions of people.

Facebook says it has pushed cambridge analytica all the information without full information. On the other hand, Kogan says that he is being made a scapegoat.