Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate will remove your sadness

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People adopt various measures to change their minds when they feel sad. Eating dark chocolate can be effective in this case. This has come to the fore in a recent study. According to a new study in Korea, a few pieces of dark chocolate can improve a bad mood.

Researchers found that healthy adults who ate a total of 30 grams of chocolate per day out of 85 percent dark chocolate were seen to be happier than healthy adults who consumed less cocoa or no chocolate at all. About a third of 100 grams of chocolate is 30 grams. It is believed that the improvement in mood from eating chocolate is linked to microbial changes. This was found in the study samples.

Stay away from milk chocolate: Researchers said these benefits were found by eating only 85 percent cocoa-rich chocolate. Changes in behavior and happiness were not observed with milk chocolate. The researchers noted that chocolate-containing milk should be consumed in moderation and should not be consumed regularly. Chocolate products with a higher cocoa percentage are preferable because they contain less sugar, fat, and other compounds such as dyes and oils.